maandag 13 oktober 2014

Lets Scrap Challenge #3 - Bingo

Lets Scrap Challenge #3 - Bingo

After nearly 2 years I've finally gotten into the scrapping thing again. My insperation was gone and I didn't quite have the patience to sit down and scrap. After actually forcing myself to sit down and give myself a break I've finally gotten into the swing of things.
After a couple of tough years a pretty ugly divorce and trying to get back on my feet my mare was with me the whole way! Shes my diamond in the rough!
For the Challenge I used 2 Across and P down
I used the left side of the sketch.
And the finished project!

Journaling reads 'No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle'


vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Who am I

Who am I?

Im pretty new to this so youll have to bare with me for the moment!
My name is Jessica Kregting I am 30 years old and live in the little town callen Wijchen in The Netherlands. Born and raised in Australia I do have to say that I sometimes have trouble adapting to the small space!
I live in a little house with my little farm as people tend to call it. My 6 Year old Rottweiler Joy, 3 year old American Stafford Bella, 1 year old parrot Coco en 8 week old Bunny Fluffy hahah And not to forget 40 year old man Frank ;P
Next to my little farm at home I am also the proud owner of a beautiful 13 year old Quarter horse mare and a 2 year old shetland filly!
My animals are my life and as a photograper they spend many hours in front of my lens!
I specialize in Animal photography and have started photographing weddings recently. Both are unique in their own way as animals can be very unpredictable at times which makes it just the more fun! Being a part of someones special day is amazing but very stressfull too you dont want to miss that special moment!
I hope you all enjoy my updates and photos!
Best wishes to all